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The images (courtesy of Anique) show aerial views of the Dutch town of Enschede: immediately the fireworks depot explosion in May 2000 and a decade later.          

See this Youtube clip for a record of the devastating force of the explosion (in particular after 2:20).

Anique Hommels on obduracy and vulnerability

The podcast for Anique Hommels' talk will be online soon.

Using examples from Utrecht and Enschede, and drawing on interviews and archival work, Hommels argued that cultural meanings play a key role in coping with obduracy and vulnerability in cities, as they are embedded in both technological frames (following Bijker) and in narratives of resilience (following Vale and Campanella). For instance, the response to the fireworks disaster in Enschede, Netherlands in 2000 provided an opportunity to make urban planning innovations and construct a positive story of regeneration. Resistance to change nonetheless manifests itself in urban space through the obduracy inherent in the reassertion of tradition and connections with the past.